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Floors Direct is a large stocking retailer of wood, laminate, tile, carpet and carpets. We have multiple flooring stores in Stuart, Tamarac and Melbourne, Florida to better assist you.
We buy and import directly from the manufacturer to bring you initially quality flooring as well as the best price possible.
We ensure that the lowest bottom line price and your complete satisfaction

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Despite the rising popularity of simulated and traditional wooden floors, carpet installation remains one of the most popular flooring choices in the nation for several good reasons. Carpet installation is much more affordable than many other flooring jobs. Carpet installation can also be preferred by many parents who would like to minimize the chances of injury for their children. Though carpet has numerous benefits, it also requires more upkeep than other flooring choices. Since carpet tends to settle over time, carpet restretching is sometimes done to reduce wrinkles. The requirement to restretch carpet is likely to boost in high traffic areas. Because it is subject to stains and burns, carpet repair is a type of task. Carpet repair is often a matter of removing the stained, burned, or otherwise not damaged area and replacing it having a matching piece. Considering that the exact color and style of carpet can be tough to match years after it was installed, carpet repair is manufactured easier if you keep remnants in the original installation handy. No carpet installation is going to last forever, but taking shoes off before walking on it, vacuuming at least once a week, cleaning up spills immediately, and becoming an annual deep cleaning can greatly lengthen its lifespan whilst it looking its perfect for years to come.

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